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My review of the concert 4-3 in Vegas.
If you wanna read the whole thing, like when I got to meet the band after the show, it's in my journal, but it's friends only, so you have to add it. Sorry :)

The opening band was “Through the Eyes of the Dead.” I’d never heard of them before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The lead singer was wearing a “Celphalic Carnage” shirt, and when I heard them, they kinda did sound like Celphalic Carnage. They were really heavy, a lot of death metal screams and such. But, they were really good, and you could really tell that they were into what they were doing, and they were really passionate about the music.

Then after a little break, God Forbid came on. They were really good in concert as well. I’ve seen their music videos and heard theirs songs, and in my opinion they’re mediocre, but in concert they were a lot better. During the middle of their set, I saw Alexi standing at the side of the stage, drinking beer, and watching them play. And I waved to him, and he pointed at himself to make sure I was waving to him and not someone else, and I nodded my head. And he drank some beer, and then... something happened... lol... it was kinda cool... Janne came to the side of the stage, and he whispered something into Alexi’s ear, kissed Alexi’s cheek, went to get a beer, and came back. Ashleigh and me waved at Janne, and he waved at us back. It was so cool. We were very happy because of that. Then they watched the rest of God Forbid’s performance together from the side of the stage. XD ^^

Then finally... Bodom came on... Here’s the setlist:
1. Are you dead yet?
Ashleigh and me knew that they were going to start it with either Are you dead yet, or In your face, or vice versa. And we were right.

2. Sixpounder
I was a little surprised that they chose this song, but happy nevertheless.

3. Needled 24/7
Awesome song. I knew they were going to play it, cause that’s how a lot of people heard of them... including me.

4. Follow the Reaper
Totally ecstatic that they chose this song, cause I didn’t really think that they’d play anything from their older albums, cause I always read in concert reviews, that they never did, so I was shocked... in a bloody wicked awesome way.

5. Warheart
I love this song. It was the first song I listened to on the Hatebreeder album, and I guess it’s what got me into the old school Children of Bodom stuff.

6. Trashed Lost and Strungout
Everyone knows about this song. And it wasn’t surprising that they played it.

7. Angels don‘t Kill
My 2nd favorite Bodom song. I love this song so fucking much. I didn’t think they were going to play it, but they did. Definitely my favorite song off of Hate Crew Death Roll by far.

8. Towards Dead End
My favorite Bodom song. Again. I wasn’t expecting them to play their old material, but when Alexi said “this song is off our hatebreeder album...” I’m thinking that would be so awesome if it’s Towards dead End, and it was. I nearly died from happiness.

9. Chokehold (Cocked and Loaded)
Good song. Good performance. During this song, while Janne was playing the keyboards, Alexi went under his arm, still playing his guitar. Definitely a Kodak moment, but it’s such a shame that they don’t allow cameras in the HOB. :(

10. Lake Bodom
Probably one of the best Bodom songs, or at least most people think so...

11. In your Face
They said that this was the last song. And I got kinda sad, cause bands usually play more songs than 11, but me and Ashleigh were right about the In your Face, and Are you dead Yet songs being first and last.

After that, they left the stage, and the sound guys kinda started on moving the equipment, but no one was leaving. Everyone was chanting “Bodom” like their life depended on it, including me. And then after a couple of minutes. They came back on stage, and played 3 more songs.

12. Hate Crew Death Roll
Totally happy that they were going to play this song, but there was one bad thing about it. I mean, I was happy about an encore, don’t get me wrong. But, I was really looking forward to when Alexi says “you stupid CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” lmao... but he didn’t :( :( :( he said “you stupid motherfucker!” instead... that was disappointing, but he must have his reasons... w/e they may be... the world may never know.

13. Living Dead Beat
I was really glad that they chose this song to play, cause it’s one of my favorite off of the new album, and it would be a shame if they didn’t play it.

14. Silent Night/ Bodom Night
I guess they heard everyone chanting “SILENT NIGHT!!!” between the songs, and they decided to play it XD

So, yeah... if you wanna read about when I got to meet them and stuff, and all that good stuff, that's in my journal, but I just cut this part out of it.

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